Quarry & Landfill


Located at Rhuddlan Bach Quarry, we can provide you with a multitude of locally quarried and recycled materials to suit your every need.

We can also supply traditional natural materials to both companies and individuals across the UK and beyond.

Please contact our Sales team to discuss your requirements and to place your order.

  • Walling Stone
  • MOT/Sub bases
  • Clean Stone/Filter Drainage
  • Agricultural Lime Dust
  • Recycled 6F2
  • Pipe Bedding (40mm, 20-5mm, A14 etc)
  • Top Soil (Screened or As Dug)
  • Road Planings
  • Building Sand/Grit Sand
  • Licensed Tipping Facilities

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Top Soil (Grade 2)

Recycled 6F2

Limestone Rockery Stone

MOT Type 1

Limestone Walling Building Stone

Limestone Quarried 6F5

Limestone 10mm Pipe Bedding

Limestone 20mm to Dust

Limestone Dust

Limestone 75mm Crusher Run

Limestone 40mm Clean Filter Stone

Limestone 20mm Clean

Limestone 3-inch Clean Filter Stone